If you have a child who hasn’t had a pediatric eye exam in a while, it may be time for them to get their necessary pediatric eye care. They will need to have a pediatric eye exam from a children’s eye doctor once a year and again if they are having any eye problems. The importance of eye exams for children can’t be overstated. Pediatric eye care is a part of their overall health care and monitoring. A children’s eye doctor can catch eye diseases and conditions early so that your child can be treated for them when necessary. Call our Pearl, MS, office to schedule an eye exam with the optometrist for your child.
School Problems
When children have a hard time seeing well, they often have a lot of trouble at school. If they can’t see well, they can’t see what the teacher is doing and can’t read the board to learn their lessons and get their assignments. It’s common for children who are having trouble seeing to have their grades plummet. Dropping grades is often a symptom of vision problems. If your child is having more trouble at school or has seen their grades drop, they probably need to see an optometrist.
Early Detection

There are many eye diseases that can occur at any age, including in childhood. Eye diseases like glaucoma need to be caught as early as possible so that the patient’s vision loss can be stopped or slowed. There are treatments needed for diseases like this that are more likely to be helpful the earlier that they are administered. Early detection through an eye exam is vital for testing children for these eye conditions and diseases.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Eye Doctor in Pearl, MS
The importance of eye exams for children is for the good of a child’s vision and health. When you have a child who needs a pediatric eye exam, call our office in Pearl, MS, to make an eye appointment with the optometrist. If it’s been a year or more, don’t wait to make your child’s appointment.

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