In the last 20 years, phones and computers have become integrated into our day-to-day lives. Although they provide tremendous productivity benefits, they can also harm the vision. Here at 20/20 Vision Care, a clinic that provides optometry in Pearl, MS, we’ve seen a significant uptick in cases of computer vision syndrome, or strain from prolonged screen use. Over ten million Americans now suffer from this condition, according to Ferris State University. This condition presents itself with varying severity based on the length and frequency of screen use. It is usually temporary, but there can be long-term effects.

Risk Factors

Some specific risk factors for computer vision are as follows:

  1. Poor posture
  2. Using screens too close to the face
  3. Failure to take enough breaks during prolonged screen use
  4. Poor lighting choices
  5. Failure to blink often enough

If you experience one or more of these risk factors, change your habits as soon as possible. Also, begin to watch out for the following symptoms of computer vision syndrome:

  1. Blurry vision following screen use
  2. Worsening nearsightedness
  3. Dry or itchy eyes
  4. Neck and shoulder pain
  5. Headaches or migraines
  6. Eye pain or strain

These symptoms get worse with time and the continuation of the habits, so you must take action immediately. Changing your poor habits will help, as well as scheduling a consultation with your optometrist.

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All in all, computer vision syndrome is simply eye strain from poorly managed screen usage. Symptoms include strain in the eyes, neck, and shoulders. It is vital to correct this issue sooner rather than later, and an optometrist can help with this process. For those looking for optometry in Pearl, MS, look no further than 20/20 Vision Care. Our resident optometrist, Dr. Pace, can provide guidance and help design a tailored treatment plan to combat computer vision and get your eyes back on the right track.


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