Contact lenses give you a clear view without getting in your way. While exploring your options for corrective lenses, you may find yourself choosing from regular and hard-to-fit contacts. We at 20/20 Vision Care want to help all Pearl, MS residents struggling with that choice.
Find out more about the contact lenses that will suit you best by continuing below.

Care Choosing Between Regular and Hard to Fit Contacts

When you seek out optometry in Pearl, MS specifically to get new contact lenses, you should know that you likely won’t have to choose from regular or hard-to-fit lenses. That’s mainly because you will likely need one or the other.

Most people can correct their vision using only regular contact lenses. The standard pair the optometrist provides suits them well, and they can enjoy improved vision without discomfort.

The hard-to-fit contact lenses are made for individuals who cannot comfortably use regular lenses. They may struggle with standard contact lenses because their eyes are slightly larger than normal. Someone with an irregularly shaped eye may also have a hard time with regular contacts.

Hard-to-fit contacts are customized for those patients. They are specifically designed to adhere to the patient’s eyes, so they can be worn without any issues.

Because of the fundamental differences between regular and hard-to-fit contacts, you likely won’t have to choose between them. One option will suit you better, so go with that.

How Do You Obtain Hard to Fit Contacts?

To get hard-to-fit contacts, you must pay a visit to someone who provides services related to optometry in Pearl, MS. Go in for an eye exam so you can confirm if you need standard or special contacts. If the examination reveals that you have irregular eyes, you can be fitted for your hard-to-fit contacts right then and there.

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