Hard to Fit Contacts

When you have vision problems and need corrective lenses, some patients choose to wear contacts instead of eyeglasses. Contact lenses are an alternative to glasses. They are lenses that are put on the surface of the eye to help correct vision. If you are interested in contact lenses or have hard-to-fit contacts and are looking for the available options for optometry in Pearl MS, contact 20/20 Vision Care.


Why Might Contact Be Hard To Fit?

Contacts may be hard to fit based on the size and shape of your eyes. Contact lenses tend to be made for a standard eye shape. If your eye is different, you may find that contact lenses are not comfortable, and you may need specialized lenses. Also, if you have dry eyes, the contacts may dry out and stick to your eyes, making them uncomfortable to wear. 

If you have astigmatism, it can make contacts hard to fit. Astigmatism means that the lens or cornea of your eye is irregularly shaped. When you have astigmatism, it can be challenging to find a comfortable fit and can cause visual distortions.

What Should I Do if I Have Hard To Fit Contacts?

If you have hard-to-fit contacts, you should contact an eye doctor to help you find the best fit for your contact lenses. During your visit, your eye doctor will understand your needs, fit you with contacts, and provide an evaluation of the fit. For example, you may require special contact lenses that are created to meet a specific need or condition. In addition, you may want to experiment with different contact materials. Our eye doctor can explain the differences between all the various materials so you can see the benefits. 

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