Dry Eye

Dry eyes are not only annoying but can be painful. It might be caused by pollen and can to go away after a little while. If the it does not go away after awhile or gets worse, that may be a sign a bigger problem. If you are worried, schedule an appointment with us at 20/20 Vision Care in Pearl, MS. We can help provide you with eye care and a dry eye treatment plan so you won’t have to worry.

Red Eye

Do you wake up with red eyes? Are you out and about and looking in a mirror and noticing your eyes are red and cannot explain why? This may be a sign of dry eye. Over the counter eye drops may help relieve red eyes sometimes, but depending on how bad your dry eyes are, you may need to take prescription eye drops to relieve the redness.

Burning Eyes

If you feel a burning sensation when you blink, that could be a major sign of dry eyes. Washing your eyes out with water can only do so much and, depending on the severity, eye drops may help.

Light Sensitivity

Do your eyes burn or try to shut themselves when they are exposed to sunlight or bright light? That might be one sign of dry eye. Sunglasses might help relieve some of the pain related to light sensitivity. If your eyes are constantly bothered by bright lights, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor on our optometry team to get more information and treatment.

Thinking that something might be in your eye

Do you feel as if there is something in your eye that you cannot seem to get out? The lack of tear production due to dry eye can cause the feeling of something being stuck in your eye. Rubbing, however, might just increase the problem. An eye doctor on our team may be able to provide eye care that can help.

Difficulty with Contact lenses

Contact lenses can make your eyes uncomfortable when you put them in, but that can go away on its own within seconds. If you are experiencing discomfort while your contacts are on, take them out and wash your eyes to see if that helps..

Visit Us for Eye Care and Dry Eye Treatment from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

If you think you are suffering from chronic dry eye, call us at 20/20 VisionCare, the leaders in optometry! Our optometrist in Pearl, MS, will run appropriate tests to determine your treatment for dry eye. Schedule an eye exam for eye care from an optometrist on our optometry team. Whether its allergies or dust particles bothering your eyes, we are here to help clear your vision and can provide dry eye treatment. Don’t let that dust get into your eyes and ruin your day.