Dry Eye FAQ

Suffering from dry eye syndrome can be painful and irritating and can impact your daily routine. Several factors may put you at a higher risk of suffering from this condition, and an eye doctor of optometry can help with your dry eye treatment. Continued eye care can help prevent dry eyes, including wearing glasses and using over-the-counter artificial eye drops. An optometrist on our optometry team at 20/20 Vision Care serving Pearl, MS, can help diagnose and treat your symptoms and help provide the relief you need to continue your day. 

Some people are more at risk of dry eye syndrome than others. Risk factors may include age, medication, medical conditions, and allergies. Long-term use of contact lenses and eyelid issues may also put you at a greater risk of needing dry eye treatment. 

Suffering from dry eyes can be irritating and can affect your vision. If left untreated, this condition can impact your daily life and cause long-term damage to your overall eye health. Common symptoms of dry eye syndrome include feeling like something is in the eye and a stinging, scratchy, or gritty sensation. Eye redness and blurry vision are also common symptoms of dry eye. In addition, some patients diagnosed with this condition have reported having eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, trouble driving at night, and issues with wearing contact lenses.

People suffering from dry eyes have various treatments available. An optometrist on our optometry team can prescribe or recommend a treatment method based on the condition’s severity. Common dry eye treatments include over-the-counter eye drops or ointments, artificial tears, eye inserts, tear stimulating drugs, and thermal cautery. To determine which treatment option is best for you, speak with an eye doctor on our optometry team to learn more and discuss your options. 

An eye doctor of optometry can diagnose this condition during a routine eye care exam. If an eye doctor on our optometry team suspects you have dry eye, he may perform a few additional tests and discuss your current lifestyle and medications. If it is determined you have dry eye syndrome, the optometrist can provide a treatment plan to help

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Do not let your dry, scratchy eyes continue to irritate you. An optometrist at 20/20 Vision Care in Pearl, MS, can help diagnose and treat your dry eye symptoms. Call us at (601) 939-3753 to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment with an of our eye doctor on our optometry team.