Contact Lens Exam

Contacts are one of the marvels in technology, and they are now used by many people worldwide. Contact lenses play an important role in vision health, and for some, they are the solution to their eye problems. However, before you get a pair of contact lenses to improve your vision, it is important to get an eye exam done in order to help you get the best prescription to fit your eye care needs.

At 20/20 Vision Care, we are here to protect your eye sight and strive to provide eye care services you need so you help can get paired with the best contact lenses for your vision. That’s why we offer a contact lenses eye exam to help correct your eyesight and get you started on the road to better vision! If you want to know more about our optometry in Pearl, MS, read on below.

Do I Need a Contact Lens Eye Exam?

If you’re planning on wearing prescription contact lenses, then it is a good idea to get an eye exam done in order to get the most accurate prescription to improve your vision. Contact lenses fit directly over the lens of your eye, helping to correct refractive errors such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. By getting a prescription, you can rest assured that your individual vision needs are being met and that your contact lenses are tailored to improve your vision and treat your refractive error appropriately.  

What Happens During an Eye Exam?

During your contact lens eye exam, an optometrist will look into your eyes by dilating your pupils, having you read out loud a chart of letters from a distance, and asking you a series of questions about your eye health. Using this information, an optometrist on our optometry team can help determine what type of vision disorder you have, and if contact lenses are the best eye care solution for you.
For some people, such as people with dry eye syndrome, cataracts, and keratoconus, an eye exam can help determine the root cause of an eye disease and allow an optometrist on our optometry team to find other treatment options before prescribing contact lenses.

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